Delivering UX for offshore development

A transformational programme at Virgin Media to move away from being a virtual mobile operator. UX and design needed to support a relatively inexperienced offshore development team.

Problem space

A brand new and untested commercial engagement with a Chinese offshore development team required a particular and precise approach to design and front-end development.

We needed to:

  • Ensure that an inexperienced offshore capability adhered to the correct standards of work and delivered as expected
  • Align with a significant strategic technology and business process re-engineering to realise key benefits
  • Engage with multiple 3rd parties providers and internal business stakeholders to come up with enhanced customer centric online solution
  • Create pragmatic UX solutions had to be delivered rather than blue sky conceptual design.

Design processes

  • Involvement in cross channel stakeholder workshops and technical requirements gathering
  • Retail and call centre customer observations
  • Detailed business and technical analyses
  • Benchmarking and competitor analysis
  • A program of quality control of offshore development over a prolonged period


  • Brand new digital experiences for sales and account management
  • Complete set of new self-service scenarios
  • Pragmatic UX solutions in the form of robust process flows, experience maps and wireframe
  • Header Workshop output
  • Header Workshop output
  • Header Workshop output
  • Header Workshop output
  • Header Workshop output
  • Header Workshop output
  • Header Workshop output
  • Header Workshop output

    Applied capabilities


    • Leading and facilitating workshops and focus groups
    • Stakeholder and client relationship management
    • Off-shore development quality control
    • Design process planning and estimation
    • Managing peer design reviews
    • Heuristic evaluations of designers work
    • Developing UX principles and strategies


    • Contact centre eavesdropping
    • Retail store observations
    • Guerilla testing

    UX Design

    • Scenarios, User journeys and storyboarding
    • Wireframing and Prototyping
    • Interaction and process flows
    • Functional, wireframe and module specifications


    • Axure
    • Visio
    • HP-QC
    • Others

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