Breaking apart UX deliverables for stakeholders and functional teams

For this client, the delivery of the global header feature was proving problematic. So many of its business units had so much at stake, and then there were the conflicting backlogs and a myriad of opinions.

Problem space

With increasing volume, the small and medium size device experience for online customers wishing to search or browse this general merchandiser’s catalogue, browse and complete tasks such as checking the status of an order wasn't optimal and had many usability issues. The new design being proposed was beginning to stray away from known conventions and becoming muddied by various stakeholder opinions.

Design process

As the lead UX brought in to take over the delivery of this feature it was important to breakdown the feature into it's key constituent parts and manage the conversation in relation to those parts with their respective owners.

  • We created a design which adhered to convention to a greater extent to challenge the opinion-evolved design proposal in a lab test
  • Once those results were in, results were consolidated with previous qualitative insights and combined with behavioural and e-commerce best practices resulting in several sources
  • These were the aligned to the relevant and distinct feature constituent parts and made actionable. Senior stakeholders felt confident that these actions were more manageable.
  • Separate sets of design deliverables were produced and maintained to manage the conversation
  • In some cases, for example, the reordering of category items based on serial position effect principles, it was determined that further insight was required through A/B testing as an enhancement.


  • A clear actionable UX strategy deck to inform roadmaps
  • Isolated functional specifications to enable the various functional teams to focus on what is relevant to them
  • A schedule of further user insight gathering and workshops.
  • Header Workshop output
  • Header Workshop output
  • Header Workshop output
  • Detail of header states

    Applied capabilities


    • Leading and facilitating workshops and focus groups
    • Stakeholder and client relationship management
    • Brand, corporate and government standards
    • Design process planning and estimation
    • Developing UX principles and strategies
    • Feature prioritisation and product roadmap development


    • Multi-variant, A/B, remote and Lab testing
    • Testing reports
    • Task modelling
    • Content strategy

    UX Design

    • Scamping and conceptual modelling
    • Behavioural design
    • Designing for search and accessibility
    • Wireframing and Prototyping
    • Functional, wireframe and module specifications


    • Axure
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Basic JS

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