Delivering UX into multiple teams in a Government transformation program

The Common Platform Program has a huge ask - To digitise the UK’s entire criminal case process. For this to be achievable, the platform aimed to deliver the bare minimum steel thread as an initial demonstration of the journey for this complex space.

Problem space

As well as helping implementation teams downstream, it was important to collaborate on the broader service design picture, this was especially problematic considering that exploration activities had a different cadence to implementation ones.

Design processes

  • Collaborating with user researchers in synthesising explorative research
  • Help other UXers and Analysts compile a view of the steel thread according to service design principles
  • Gather insights through user testing of rudimentary prototypes
  • Conceptual Design modelling
  • Deliver modules to various implementation teams


  • Initial designs were delivered into teams at a successful cadence
  • Learnings were continually feedback into the steel thread
  • Header Workshop output
  • Mapping out a process and cons context of use
  • Conceptual Model
  • Sketching out journeys and permutations
  • Demonstrating patterns to be used in a journey

    Applied capabilities


    • Managing design debt
    • Leading and facilitating workshops and focus groups
    • Stakeholder and client relationship management
    • Heuristic evaluations of designers work
    • Developing UX principles and strategies
    • Feature prioritisation and product roadmap development


    • Service design mapping
    • Task modelling
    • Content strategy

    UX Design

    • Scamping and conceptual modelling
    • User story mapping
    • Scenarios, User journeys and storyboarding


    • Axure
    • Jira and Confluence
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Basic JS

    Other case studies

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